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December, 2005 - Two videos from the "Dumb Angel Fairy Tale" can now be watched on Google Video. "Vege-Tables" is a segment from the "Dumb Angel Fairy Tale", while "Heroes and Villains" uses segments of the film to create a "video" (which was entered in the "Heroes and Villains" video contest for the DVD release of SMiLE).

Click here for "Vege-Tables" video on Google Video
Click here for "Heroes and Villains" video on Google Video

May, 2005 - The Dumb Angel Fairy Tale gets a mention on page 172 of "Smile: The Story of Brian Wilson's Lost Masterpiece" by Domenic Priore.
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30 March, 2005 - NATFILM - a big filmfestival in Denmark will show "Dumb Angel Fairy Tale" together with "Beautiful Dreamer". The date is Monday april 4th - 22 hours at GLORIA, Copenhagen.

In the Press

August, 2004 - "Dumb Angel Fairy Tale" reviewed in EAR CANDY
August, 2004 - Rasmus Skotte interviewed in EAR CANDY