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Director's Profiles

Profiles of Jesper Madsen, Lars Kjelfred & Rasmus Skotte.

Rasmus H.C. Skotte

I'm 45 years old and I live in Copenhagen. I have been a Beach Boys fan since 1974. Then in 1994 I teamed up with fellow Danish fan Rene Hulz to write the first ever Compact Discography: The Rainbow Files (Beach boys on CD). In 1998 I began to really focus on the history of Smile. It was clear to me that a creative genius like Brian would never be able to completely abandon his dearest brainchild. Not in the following years and not even now. And of course Brian has now proved this to be right. Then later this year (on the 11/11) from a midnight revelation it struck me that Brian had created a blueprint or framework for a Smile song cycle as early as 1972 in Holland through his Mt. Vernon fairytale. Four years later I ran into Lars & Jesper in London's Royal Festival Hall!"

With Andrew Martin I did a docudrama about Brian and his early Smile developments, called: Daft Beach Movie". I can be reached through www.Smile Shop message board on "PM"s (send me a private message)"
August, 2004 - "Daft Beach Movie" reviewed in EAR CANDY
January, 2005 - Rasmus Skotte interviewed in EAR CANDY

Jesper Madsen (Marne)

I am 36 years old, living in Copenhagen with my girlfriend Lisa. I grew up in the same village as Lars. We became best friends after we had moved to the capitol of Denmark. We pretty much share the same tastes in music and together we have been working for 3 years on a film about our favorite band THE FALL. I work as a geologist in an ingeneering company. I am also the co-owner of small record company: the independent label PONYREC ( We are currently introducing 3 new bands, all singing in english/ american: They are: GRAVY, HALPH and TENDERLOUD. Out both on CD and vinyl.

Lars Kjelfred

Photo by Arne Storgaard
I am 33 years old, living in Copenhagen with my girlfriend and our daughter, Elvira and our black, blind cat called JAZZ. I work as a librarian in our local library where I sometimes set up live music events. I am equally interested in music and movies. My favorite band is THE FALL from England but I am into stuff like Iggy, Dylan, Bowie, Johnny Cash and of course Brian Wilson and The Beach Boys. My favorite film directors are probably Hitchcock, Herzog and my homeboy Lars von Trier. In one of my new projects I once again combine my passions: Together with my friend and creative partner Jesper I have been working on a film about THE FALL. We started out in 2002 - hopefully we can call it a day in 2006. We met Rasmus in London 2002, Pet Sounds, (the best concert I ever attended). Afterwards, trying to understand what hit us - drinking a beer - Rasmus introduced us to the idea of combining Smile with the Pied Piper. We had never done any filming - the rest is a mystery - a happy one.