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Welcome to DAFTfilm

The DUMB ANGEL FAIRY TALE is a fantasy film that combines the music of SMiLE with the music and story of MOUNT VERNON AND FAIRWAY (The Beach Boys Bonus EP with "Holland").

It presents a remarkable mix of fantasy and music, placing the music of SMiLE into a magical context. The visuals are stunning and often surreal. The infusion of the "music video" into songs such as "Cabinessence" and "Vega-Tables" is breathtaking. By using the music of Brian Wilson to weave a story, words are not needed. The use of silent pantomime by the actors shows that this film has universal appeal.

The timing of this film could not be more apt, coinciding with the 37-year wait of SMiLE both in live performance and ultimately on an official record on September 28, 2004. It is a perfect testament to the timeless music of SMiLE (see Brian, it wasn't too far "advanced" for the public after all!) and the artistry of Brian Wilson.


December, 2005 - Two videos from the "Dumb Angel Fairy Tale" can now be watched on Google Video. "Vege-Tables" is a segment from the "Dumb Angel Fairy Tale", while "Heroes and Villains" uses segments of the film to create a "video" (which was entered in the "Heroes and Villains" video contest for the DVD release of SMiLE).

Click here for "Vege-Tables" video on Google Video
Click here for "Heroes and Villains" video on Google Video

May, 2005 - The Dumb Angel Fairy Tale gets a mention on page 172 of "Smile: The Story of Brian Wilson's Lost Masterpiece" by Domenic Priore.
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30 March, 2005 - NATFILM - a big filmfestival in Denmark will show "Dumb Angel Fairy Tale" together with "Beautiful Dreamer". The date is Monday april 4th - 22 hours at GLORIA, Copenhagen.

In the Press

August, 2004 - "Dumb Angel Fairy Tale" reviewed in EAR CANDY
August, 2004 - Rasmus Skotte interviewed in EAR CANDY